You understand your business – ambrose understands DC – together we can create opportunities.

ambrose provides integrated government and public affairs solutions. Led by experienced and trusted policy, political and campaign veterans. ambrose strategically navigates our clients through the changing currents of Washington.

Hyper-partisan rhetoric and excessive polarization in Washington has created gridlock and legislative uncertainties. ambrose is uniquely positioned to assist and achieve our client’s needs and goals by navigating today’s ever-increasing partisan climate.

We provide decades of experience in the public and private sectors with demonstrated success in building consensus and developing successful bipartisan strategic relationships and coalitions.

Today’s public affairs requires multi-national companies, small businesses, startups, non-profits and industry groups to influence a broader spectrum of voices that can influence policymakers. In this challenging political environment ambrose formulates legislative initiatives and policy by gathering support internally and externally to make our clients’ goals compelling to all stakeholders and drive legislation and debate. Not only is ambrose able to amplify our client’s goals with strategic communications but we utilize those same relationships to provide our clients with timely and critical intelligence.

ambrose understands Washington, D.C.  and our client’s business goals. We want to collaborate with you to achieve successful outcomes.

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50 Years of Experience

Kevin Fogarty and Eugene Patrone bring a combined 50 years of working with people on both sides of the aisle.

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