Direct lobbying

ambrose’s long-standing relationships with Members of Congress and their staffs (on both sides of the aisle) allow your messages to amplify and ensure that your voice is heard in Congress.

Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

Branding is no longer just the purview of consumer goods. Issues and causes are “products” too and they also need to be defined and sometimes redefined. For decades, ambrose has carefully developed nuanced messages and contemporary strategies for the new era of crisis and reputation management.

Coalition Development & Management

One of the most effective ways to make your voice heard is to cultivate like-minded supporters. ambrose works with an array of coalitions, using their collective voices to deliver results by reaching out not just to “the usual suspects.”


Media Relations & Outreach

ambrose engages the “4th Estate” on your behalf to further your goals, cultivating these relationships over the years, while working in government, the private sector and on campaigns. This includes print, broadcast, cable and online – reporters, editors, columnists and producers.

Strategic Intelligence

ambrose is plugged in with sources on and off the Hill to gather the best information for our clients to help them plan and strategize for their interests in real time, before news and developments become public.

Policy Communications

Between ambrose and its business partners content is provided to create or strengthen your narrative through print and electronic materials as well as issues-oriented websites. Connecting with thought leaders and recognized think-tanks to disseminate your message, so that they will act as your advocates.

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